The "Made in Japan" logo

Every Tanseido cosmetics brush comes with the "Made in Japan" seal stamped into it. Unlike most Japanese brush makers which only assemble foreign-made parts in Japan, we source our materials such as handles and metal parts from local ateliers in our home town of Kumano. Everything we produce is hand made by our experienced workmen. We do not mind devoting our time and energy to making high quality and safe products for our customers while ignoring price competition. The "Made in Japan" logo is our seal of pride and confidence.

Made in Japan Made in Japan

Industry-first UV sanitizing system

Cosmetic brushes must be safe and hygienic because they directly touch your skin. We use Tanseido's original UV sanitizing system "GRACE-1" – a strong but safe method, to sanitize all our finished products, instead of the existing ozone sanitizing system used to protect imported raw bristles from bugs and bacteria.
Our motto is : "Combining the traditional skills with advanced technology to provide customers with safe products."

Made in Japan Made in Japan


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