The Tanseido History

1931 Mitsuru Yamada, brush maker, adopted the brush maker name of "SHOUTENSAI" from Mr. Keien Inoue (a renowned person in Japanese calligraphy)
March 1941 Honored to make brushes presented to H.I.H.Princess Shigeko Terunomiya on the occasion of her imperial highness's visit to Hiroshima
October 1952 Won the 1st technical prize in the town of Kumano annual brush festival for contribution to brush making
1955 Began to produce cosmetics brushes, utilizing calligraphy brush making skills (Shop: Beniya Yamada Shoten)
September 1963 Honored by the request from Japanese Prime Minister Ikeda to present brushes to His Imperial Highness the Emperor of Japan
1965 Began production of painting brushes, utilizing calligraphy brush making skills
March 1966 Received an award from the governor of Hiroshima, Mr. Iwao Nagano for contribution to brush making
January 1968 Awarded the Superior Technical Prize by Mr. Heiji Ogawa, Minister of Labor
April 1970 Bestowed with the Order of the Sacred Treasure Silver Rays by His Imperial Highness the Emperor of Japan
July 1970 Komei Yamada, son of the founder, established Tanseido Corporation
April 1971 Honored with the opportunity to present brushes to the Emperor and Empress and to demonstrate the art of brush production before the imperial couple
October 1984 Awarded a testimonial by Mr. Hikosaburo Okonogi, the Minister of International Trade and Industry for contribution to development of the brush industry
1985 Established the present factory
1990 The third generation, Koichi Yamada became head of the company, succeeded the brush making spirit with the best efforts concentrating into cosmetics and painting brushes production.
April 2000 Introduced original name labeling machines
2001 Began to produce Tanseido original brushes
2002 Developed and introduced strong UV sanitizing system
2003 Produced platinum and gold handled brushes
2003 Registered the trademark "TANSEIDO"
2004 Began production of red and blue handle brushes
2007 Recognized in the "BUY Hiroshima" campaign for promoting local procurement
2008 Recognized by the association of "Hiroshima Brands" as a true Hiroshima product maker Recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for effective utilization of local resources (5 years)


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