Our Works of Art

Whilst most brush heads are mass-produced by machine, Tanseido's skilled artisans use raw bristles to make each brush head by hand.

It takes nothing less than skilled workmanship to make a brush tip so thin that it can even write on a grain of rice, or to blend two colors of bristles and adjust the tips to enable them to write letters, and so on.

In the luxury brush section, we have collaborated with various companies and artists to create lacquered cosmetics brush handles and handles inlaid with pieces of great green turban sea shells, foundation pots made of hand blown glass, and cosmetics brushes with bejeweled handles made from gold and platinum. The results always draw attention in the world of make-up and beauty shows.

Recently, Tanseido was recognized as a masterpiece producer by the association of "Hiroshima Brands" for the superior level of our Hiroshima-made products, and we received the commendation of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for effective utilization of local resources. These achievements are the results of continued efforts in our quest to create high quality products.

Our Works of Art Our Works of Art
Our Works of Art Our Works of Art


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