M's Brush Danseido

“danseido” - exclusive men’s hair and face care brushes for the refined man

The town of Kumano in Hiroshima prefecture is undoubtedly the world's leader in production of quality brushes.
"danseido" hair and face care brushes are created from the knowhow passed down from our make-up brush making skills. We leave no room for compromise in our material choices, or in our attention to detail in the production process: from hand selecting raw bristles, to innovating the industry-first UV sanitizing system, etc. This brush is selectively made by hand by a team of craftsmen specially dedicated to men's hair and face care.

Hair washing brushe

“danseido” cannot compromise in natural bristles.
From our experience over many years as professionals in the art of make-up brush production, we only use natural raw bristles. For these brushes, we prepared two kinds of bristles – goat and pony – to match your skin type. Our exclusive brush for washing the hairline will be brought to you in a safe and clean condition after undergoing treatment in our industry-first UV sanitizing system.

The spiral shape effectively washes away hairline oil
Cutting-edge ideal for "danseido” jointly developed with medical specialists, realized this new type of scalp care.
Little bumps - only 0.5mm in size - made by laser in the brush tips enable the brush tips to reach deep inside the pores of the scalp and brush out unnecessary keratin and oil.

Luxury of natural bristles
Compared to the regular make-up brush size, "danseido" hair washing brush comes in a diameter of 38mm with enlarged hair washing area for more effective washing. Natural bristles are a luxury in such high density.

Goat bristle

The features are elasticity and delicate tips. Natural bristle colors of white or ivory are retained without bleaching. Affords a gentle touch to the skin but firmly washes away oil.

Pony bristle

Has adequate sturdiness and suppleness. An ideal brush for oily skin. Naturally dark colored bristles are not even toned, so we dye them in a beautiful brilliant black.

Anti-rust chrome plating

Thick and easy holding body is rust and scratch resistant chrome plated.

Water resistant oak pedestal

Selected natural oak for its strength and water resistance qualitie.

Face washing brush

Face washing brush for delicate care of the whole face

Our face washing brush is developed in collaboration with Dr. Seki, Dermatologist. For the plain parts of the face such as the forehead and cheeks, the flat part of the brush is used, and for the contoured parts of the face such as the nose, the brush edge is used. Our brush is designed to effectively wash any part of the face.

Face washing brush for delicate care of the whole face

"Skin Puara" developed by Seki Skin Clinic has as much impurities as possible removed from the base ingredient (coconut oil) by special treatment. Its smooth and thick bubbles can clean your skin without unnecessary force, resulting in reduction of skin stress. Skin stress reduction is the key point of skin care. We recommend our "Skin Puara" for your daily face and hair wash.

Small type face washing brush

Ideal for more delicate face care. This is the exclusive face care brush for complicated parts of the face like around the nose. By making the brush tips round, they effectively touch the complicated shape of the skin and wash out unnecessary oil. For more delicate skin, we have squirrel bristle instead of pony bristle.


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